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Myanmar News – The army engaged in suppression of the ongoing demonstrations against the coup has taken another brutal action. According to information received by the World News superfast, in Mandalay city, the army shot a 7-year-old innocent sitting on her father’s lap. Khin Myo Chit is the youngest victim to die from a police bullet. 

The deceased’s neighbor Sumaya said, “Police were searching for the protesters on Tuesday. Some policemen came and kicked and knocked at the door of Khin’s house.

When Khin’s elder sister opened the door, the young men entered the house

According to the information received by the World News superfast, they started asking, who is in the house other than Papa? Sister said- no one. The policeman then beat him up as a liar. Seeing this, Khin standing in front sat in the lap of the father present in the house. 

Then the policemen from behind started firing on the father, who accidentally hit the girl. He died on the spot. Please tell that till now 20 children have lost their lives in the army firing.

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