My brother and I met our favorite super hero (The Hulk) when we were 4. We were pissed off because Lou Ferrigno wasn’t green. : KidsAreFuckingStupid

I have only met Lou Ferrigno once, so maybe he was just having a bad day and I can’t really make much of it.

My friend was a journalist in the Air Force I met while I was active duty Army stationed on an Air Force Base back in ’99 and we were both in our early 20’s

He scored a pair of press passes to Wizard World Chicago so I took leave and made a cross country road trip to go.

It was an incredible experience. Having press passes, we had direct access to every celebrity in attendance and we met A LOT. My friend made me promise to be professional and not be a raging fanboy because he was officially representing the Air Force Times, to which I agreed to be on my best behavior.

The highlights of the bunch would definitely have to be Stan Lee, Peter Mayhew, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes…and even one of my childhood heroes, Lou Ferrigno.

Everyone we met were genuinely delightful people to be around, and they graciously and professionally answered our questions.

Then I saw him, this absolute mountain of a human being standing at his booth. I remember grabbing my friend by the collar and making a beeline directly to Lou Ferrigno. His booth was oddly empty, but we went ahead and introduced ourselves, my friend identified himself as a reporter and asked if we could get a picture. But Mr. Ferrigno just stonewalled and said we could have a picture if we bought one of his autographed pictures.

My friend and I were still kinda starstruck and just immediately agreed to. We emphatically started going through the photos looking for a picture of him as the Hulk or even just a headshot, but then as we continued sifting through the pictures he had available, they were just all of him in semi-erotic poses on the beach, all oiled up, and in a tiny speedo, for $50 (in year 2000 money)

My friend and I just kinda just looked at each other, stared back at the table of photos and waited for Lou Ferrigno to become distracted and we just kinda walked away quietly.

And that is my story of meeting my hero Lou Ferrigno.

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