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London News – According to information received by World News, after the new strain of virus has been found in Britain, many countries are stopping the flight service there. Nepal has banned all flights to and from the UK. According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, this ban will be applicable from midnight tomorrow.

WHO says new strain of coronavirus is not uncontrollable in UK

According to the information given to World News, this statement of WHO matters because the health secretary of Britain on Saturday said that the situation in the country is getting out of control. WHO’s Emergency Chief Michael Ryan said – the times of the epidemic have seen even more cases and dangerous situations. We had overcome that too. Therefore, do not consider the situation in Britain as uncontrollable. It is definitely that it has to be taken very seriously.

Indian student stranded

Travel ban imposed on Britain also affected Indian students. According to information received by World News, the Christmas holidays have started in Britain. Many Indians want to return to the country, but due to the sudden travel ban of the Government of India, these students are stuck in Britain itself. Every year in December, most Indian students return to the country. At the moment, both countries are not issuing tourist visas, but, for those who are already in the UK due to family reasons, it has become difficult for them to return to the country.

According to information received by World News, a new academic session will start in the UK next month. The Indian High Commission in London has released updates on India’s social aviation ministry on social media. No flight from India will leave for the UK at the moment. All flight operations from Britain have also been stopped under the Vande India Mission.

Problems increase in California

There is a big problem in front of the administration in California of America. In the southern part of the state, not only ICUs, general beds have also fallen short. Now large-scale preparations are being made to remove this problem. The administration says that the situation may worsen with Christmas being very close.

Currently, the focus is on MakeShift Hospital

California is one of the most populous states in the US. Here Governor Gavin Newson said- We are watching the situation. Hopefully, everything will be controlled soon.

Sweden also banned UK travelers

According to information received by World News, on Tuesday morning, Sweden issued a statement stating that it had banned travelers coming from Britain. The statement said that the Swedish government supports the steps taken by France, Israel and Germany over Britain. Every necessary decision will be taken to protect the citizens of the country.

Sweden is the 40th country to ban travelers coming from Britain

According to information received by World News, many countries including India have already taken a decision in this regard. A new strain of Corona has emerged in Britain. The special thing is that Sweden has also banned Danish travelers.

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