Australia news live: Greg Hunt has ‘absolute belief’ that banning returns from India is legal | Australia news

Anyone who tells you that an N95 mask is too difficult to wear does not understand workplace safety, does not understand Covid, and should not be anywhere near running a quarantine system, let alone a quarantine system in hotels, which our premier says are not fit for purpose.

We know that a surgical mask does not protect anyone from airborne spread. It is useful for preventing droplets. And if the public are wearing them out in the community, it is a good idea, it reduces it. But if you’re in the presence of someone with Covid-19, in the same room, breathing the same air, or in a hallway or a lift where they have been and you’re wearing a surgical mask, eventually you’re gonna catch Covid-19.

The longest exposure that these guards have is not in a bus or an aeroplane, it’s not in a lift, it’s in the hallway where they work, where we know already this year that the virus comes out from the room and floats down the hallways.

None of our hotels are set up to prevent that. And I don’t understand why the advice to our health minister is so bad, nor do I understand why our health minister has not researched this himself enough so far to understand that there’s a very strong view in the scientific community, including from the World Health Organization, that aerosol spread is the cause of these outbreaks.

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