Australia news live: Christine Holgate says she was ‘bullied’ and Australia Post chairman fabricated evidence | Australia news

I don’t know how many headhunters have called me and said to me they’ve never had a CEO before when their franchisees are arguing to bring them back, and the union’s gone on the news and say she’s been treated unfairly.

I have had thousands and thousands of letters from people saying what has happened to me is unfair as well. And if someone was in Bourke Street today I think you’ll find the floors of people wearing white jackets.

It is not about a political standing, it’s about workplace bullying, and our people have not supported what has happened to me. Angela will address you later on, not as an individual, but as the chair of the LPOS with other members of her board.

If that is not evidence of the divide that this is causing, I don’t know. I knew if I did not resign, not only would there be more harm to me personally, and I was seriously concerned how long I could take it, but I knew it was causing great damage, I had customers calling me up saying, ‘Just go back in the office and get back to work’.

And the government’s aware of that. You know, and I’m not criticising anyone for saying that, but everybody was aware of it. That is not good for our business.

Our employees were turning up at my house. My husband will tell you, they created a barricade. In our road, to stop people getting to me.

This is ordinary every day mums and dads. This is not high paid executives or politicians. This is people in communities. That’s why the chair of Australia Post must go, not because of me. Because he’s lied to you all.

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