Sunday, 19 February 2017
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10 MMOs That Tried to Kill WoW And Failed

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Take a look at the MMOs that took a shot at WoW throughout the year and failed.


New Star Citizen Trailer Shows the MISC Prospector, Fantastic Lighting Effects

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Star Citizen shows one of its ships, and the beautiful lighting effects coming with it.

Fearless Kung Fu master lets huge wooden pole slam into his manhood to show off 'Iron Crotch'

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The bizarre stunt also sees the Chinese master take strong kicks to his private parts, while also repeatedly hitting his crotch with a BRICK

Should Arsene Wenger be offered a new deal this summer?

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There has been much made about Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger’s future after the Gunners 5-1 defeat at Bayern Munich in the Champions League. In truth, the result on its own will not see the Frenchman leave the club. However, Wenger should leave the club if the Gunners are to ever challenge for the big trophies [...]

Psychologist Asks Colleagues To Sign Petition For Trump's Removal

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The ethics around when and how professionals can or should publicly discuss Donald Trump's mental health may not be as clearcut as you think.

Why More Firms Should Adopt The Facebook Bereavement Policy

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Facebook just gave its workers up to 20 days off for bereavement leave. Here's what other firms offer and what a grief counselor advises.


'Suicide Squad 2': Warner Bros. Should Go Full Crazy, Team Up Mel Gibson And George Miller

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Since everybody thinks the 'Suicide Squad' franchise is in trouble and two heads are better than one, some WB insiders muse why not two heads obviously headed in the same wacky direction: the mastermind behind 'Mad Max' and his controversial one-time protege.

SpaceX trying again to launch rocket from historic moon pad

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SpaceX is taking another shot at launching a rocket from NASA's historic moon pad.


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