Sunday, 19 February 2017
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SuperPhillip Central | Titanfall 2 (PS4, XB1, PC) Review

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Phil writes, "The original Titanfall was an impressive beast of a multiplayer game that unfortunately suffered due to corporate politics-- in particular, Microsoft getting an exclusive deal from EA, making the original exclusive to the Xbox brand. However, now Titanfall 2 is a brand-new entity, no longer just stuck to Xbox, supporting an improved multiplayer package that will keep players coming back for more, as well as something completely new-- a single-player campaign. Thankfully, both the multiplayer and the all-new single-player campaign make Titanfall 2 one of the most impressive first-person shooters on the market today."

US doesn't plan to use National Guard to arrest immigrants, despite early memo

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The White House said a draft memo was never seriously considered.

What Was the First Life on Earth?

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The earliest evidence for life on Earth arises among the oldest rocks still preserved on the planet, dating back some 4 billion years.


#214 - Calibrating Emotional Gaming Music - Constantly Calibrating

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Do you hear that? Do you hear the emotional gaming music around us? Hopefully you do, because on this episode the Constantly Calibrating Crew digs deep into music and sound design. Theyve also dug up a great guest co-host in the amazing Chris Hernandez from the Casting for Two podcast. They all touch on the music from games that make them feel things. Yes! Real human emotions like were supposed to feel! The team also takes the time to discuss how sound design in general has made them better players (and people). Plus, they spread some hot some steamy love towards the upcoming games Anew: The Distant Light and GreedFall, in which we look forward to handling our moosetree creatures with care.

WATCH: 'Congratulations me! Yay!' - Pool player Naoyuki Oi gives brilliantly bizarre TV interview on Sky Sports

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Pool player Naoyuki Oi delivered an extraordinary post-match interview after winning his World Pool Masters match - one that nearly left Sky Sports presenter Tony Wrighton lost for words.


6 Things to be Shared with iPhone App Development Company

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Seeing the rapid shift to mobile browsing, each of the brands is making extra efforts to develop an effective, engaging and user-centric mobile app. Irrespective of the domain differences, the trend shows that more and more businesses are redefining their game plan to incorporate mobility applications. To achieve the targeted task of increasing revenue and building loyalty programs for customers, iPhone app development companies put the best technological expertise to deliver the right product to the enterprise. iPhone app development companies carry out an in-depth analysis of client's business processes and their target audiences before settling into the process of project development. A checklist shared with the iPhone app development company would help them to simplify the development process increasing the turn-around time. A detailed checklist would help to improve the iPhone app development process. Read more.

Rare's Sea of Thieves Helps Connect Players and Developers

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Sea of Thieves latest update has been released, showing the impact of their Insider Program and the influence of players in development.


A town changed by Trump

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There are times these days when Mary Jo Groves feels like she no longer understands her city and the world around it. The hospital physician knows Springfield as a place that has prided itself on its moderate, practical outlook. Asked about Mr. Trump, an elderly gentleman said he was pleased, suggesting the crackdown on immigrants and the temporary ban on citizens from seven Muslim nations was spot on.

Block Architects adds trellises and steel-bar walls to Vietnamese house

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Cubes made from white-painted reinforcing rods form frameworks that support staircases and climbing plants at this renovated house in Ho Chi Minh City. Lee & Tee House was designed by local studio Block Architects for a young couple who run a business producing handcrafted leather products in the Tan Binh District in the Vietnamese city. The

Where to Start if You Don’t Have a Retirement Plan Yet

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By Michael Kay via When it comes to retirement and planning, I’ve heard them all: “I love what I do. I can’t imagine doing anything else.” “I’ll never have enough money to retire, so I’ll work until I die.” “I have no hobbies, so I might as well work.” “I’d be bored outta my…

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