Sunday, 19 February 2017
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Trump holds campaign-style rally in Florida

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Instead of attacking Hillary Clinton, the president cast the press and judges as enemies

Trump supporters react to fiery press conference

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In President Trump's news conference, he blamed the media, Congress, intelligence agencies and Hillary Clinton for his rough first four weeks in office. As Omar Villafranca reports, that's exactly what his supporters wanted to hear.

Nine Awesome Things To Do Right After You Lose Your Job

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Whether you are former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, recently ousted National Security Advisory Gen. Michael Flynn, a laid-off steel-worker or a member of the creative class, you can perform mental jiu-jitsu on employment.

Fact Versus Fiction: Ari Melber Checks Trump's Statements

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When pressed on topics including uranium, polling and foreign leaders, President Trump turned his questions towards Hillary Clinton.

'Why should Americans trust you?' Trump asked

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By James Oliphant WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a heated moment during his unconventional and combative news conference on Thursday, President Donald Trump’s command of the facts was openly challenged by a reporter who asked, “Why should Americans trust you?” The issue was the margin of victory in the U.S. Electoral College, which Trump asserted early in the news conference was the “biggest” since fellow Republican Ronald Reagan, who was elected in 1980 and 1984. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a 304-227 tally of state-by-state electors, who represent votes cast in the election.

Trump calls Russian meddling a "ruse," denies improper contacts

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President Trump denied any contact between people connected with his campaign and the Russian government, despite various reports that such contact happened. He called the scandal a "ruse" to distract from Hillary Clinton's electoral loss. Jeff Pegues has more.

Hillary Clinton receives a standing ovation at another Broadway show

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Clinton has attended several Broadway shows since her election loss last November


Hillary Clinton: Designer de La Renta inspired immigrants

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Hillary Clinton has praised Oscar de la Renta as an inspiration to striving immigrants like himself at an event honoring the late fashion designer with a series of commemorative stamps

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