Monday, 20 February 2017
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Impact Winter will prepare you for the outdoors even better than Bear Grylls | Geek Culture

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No, this is not about the abysmal game based on the famed adventurer, but a new title that challenges a persons affinity for comfort, and questions if a regular person possesses the critical knowledge needed in staying alive in a harsh winter environment, and can balance the requirements of food, water, warmth and cover from the elements.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Review - Game Revolution

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Game Revolution: "I remember when I saw the first Horizon: Zero Dawn trailer during E3 2015 and immediately became fascinated once the harmonious music kicked in. It was breathtaking to see the mammoth-sized machines roaming a post-post-apocalyptic world that was once home to millions of people. The characters seemed mysterious and I wanted to learn more about the tribes that settled into these new lands. At this point, the questions started to run deeper and so did my imagination. Fast forward two years later and Im itching to turn on my console so that I may resume exploring the complex world Horizon proposes to the player."

This Week In MMA Biz: GSP Returns, Fedor Delayed, Cyborg Cleared, UFC Adds Champ, Drops 2 Contenders

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Georges St-Pierre and the UFC finally coming to terms on a new contract was the big news of the week, but the end to GSP’s free agency saga was far from the only major roster move we saw from the MMA leader.

Horizon: Zero Dawn: Review | Stevivor

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Steve Wright: Once you see through its flash, Zero Dawn comes off a bit tired, rehashing concepts youve seen before. Its true failing is its everything but the kitchen sink mentality; if a little focus was applied, this would have been spectacular, not merely satisfactory. Thats said, lets not mourn what could have been just yet, anyway and celebrate what is a decent groundwork for something bigger and better to come.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Review | GodisaGeek

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Chris White: "Its been a long time since a game has been put together this well. The combat is awesome, the visuals are stunning, and Aloy is 100% badass. Go and buy this game!"

What history tells us about Trump's wall

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The world has a lot of famous border walls. CNN looks at how they compare to President Donald Trump's proposed US-Mexico wall.


[VC] Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World - How does it compare to Wii U's adorable adventure?

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Back in 2015, Good-Feel unleashed their second yarn-based platformer and now it's available for 3DS. However, does this bite-sized version improve on the beloved original? Well, it does feature more cute canine content than you can shake a knitting needle at!

Nintendos silence on the Switch Virtual Console is doing the console a disservice

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Lets hope that when Nintendo starts talking Virtual Console on Switch, the company doesnt expect us all to pay for Super Mario Bros. for the hundredth time.

Inversus 1.5 is coming! - PlayStation Country

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Ryan Jucketts negative space shooter is getting a huge patch in the near future and were excited to tell you about it.

Khorgos: The New Silk Road's Central Station Comes To Life

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Less than five years ago Khorgos wasn't anything but 5,000 hectares of sand dunes and a dream. Now, this bi-national "New Silk Road" development area that is rising up on both sides of the China / Kazakhstan border has come alive.

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